Puddle Jumping in Beausejour

We love visiting Beausejour to see my parents.  They have an amazing bond with Félix.  They know him inside and out and I love watching them all play together.  They are never afraid to get wet or dirty for the sake of play.  It truly is a thing of beauty.

After talking Grandpapa out of his walking stick they headed for their walk.  With MANY stops for some puddle jumps

IMG_9778 (2)IMG_9780 (2)IMG_9784 (2)IMG_9785 (2)

I love that his one piece suit offers such amazing protection against the cold spring puddles.

IMG_9788 (2)

Félix Grandpapa over and splashed him…

IMG_9790 (2)

So Grandpapa joined in…

IMG_9789 (2)


Capturing the moment before a big splash ♥

IMG_9792 (2)

On the way home there was a huge puddle filled with ice that Félix could not resist.  He played around then worked a large chunk of ice out and carried it to the road….and watched it fall to smithereens on the hard concrete.

IMG_9798 (2)IMG_9799 (2)



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