Spring is Near…a beautiful visit to Kings Park

The sun has been so beautiful the last week.  So much uplifting sunshine after what has felt like a long winter.   So we jumped at the opportunity to take a walk in Kings Park with some friends.

The children were so exited that we couldn’t even keep up.  The ice was thick everywhere but every time we turned around they were moving super quick.  It was a beautiful adventure.  We stopped to watch Félix climbing a hill which had turned into an ice wall!

IMG_9666 (2)IMG_9665 (2)

The children stopped to play with large chunks of snow.  Obviously sharing a funny moment between the two of them…

IMG_9669 (2)IMG_9671 (2)

We also had so much fun cracking the ice that had built up over thawing snow.  We chased leaves as they fluttered under the thin ice.   Finding holes were the water would spray up became a fun challenge as well.

IMG_9677 (2)IMG_9687 (2)

It is clear that spring is right around the corner…which brings many puddles to jump in!


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