The journey before the Destination…a visit to Assiniboine Forest

Sometimes we get so focused on the destination that we forget how important the journey that brings us there is.  What if the journey becomes the main focus and the destination is just an end point where a new journey begins?  Just another lesson that Félix teaches me when I stand back and watch him in nature.


We came to Assiniboine Forest this morning to take a walk with a group but as it turned out Félix wanted to just do his own thing.  I often wonder how the world will react to this lone wolf.  The one who is content to grab a branch and draw in the snow, climb his own mountains alone, the one who is happy to get lost in his own world.  I see such beauty in this.  I see the joy he brings to himself when so many do not love the person they are.  I fear the forcing of him being pushed to fit in, be a part of a group, to conform.

So what if we chose the path less chosen more often like children do?  Are we afraid we will get stuck in the hip deep snow or not find out way back to the path we are suppose to be on?  I watched as Félix lifted one leg high and stomped his way off the path in search of a climbing tree.

Félix took a climb into the dead brush and with a very large crack fell to the snow.  So his next move?  He tried again!  It amazes me how people dismiss children as having little ability.  In any given day he shows perseverance, endurance, logical thought and determination.   Many of the qualities that a lot of adults have long forgotten or no longer display.


Another climb…this one higher and as the dead branch snapped Félix landed in the snow.  I could hear him whispering to himself.  Not phased from the fall.  Not upset he fell.  He started talking about how beautiful the clouds looked.  Sometimes the accidental fall we take brings along a new perspective.  One we had never even thought about or imagined.


And sticks….aw this beautiful tool which can be just about anything!  Write in the snow, wack a tree, dig into a deep hole, give to a passing dog to play with!  When Félix picks up a stick I never know the journey it will take him on but I love watch it unfold.


Ready for a snow ball fight maman???


On the way out of the forest Félix stopped and ran to the snowbank.  Wonder in his eyes and a smile on his face.  Look at this amazing stick!!!  He picked up the stick that was almost as tall as he was.  He said look…a walking stick!  He was delighted when an older gentleman walked into the forest with a walking stick.  He stopped to compare the two sticks 🙂


After an hour, with rosy cheeks, we walked hand in hand to the car.  Grateful for spending such a beautiful morning outside in the forest.  ♥



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