How much snow is too much snow…

no amount!  No amount of snow is too much snow to enjoy winter in!  We were gifted 1.5 feet of snow on Christmas day.  We were out in the country celebrating so it delayed our plans to get back home as it shut highways down and made many streets impassable until the snow plows cleated the snow.

So how did Félix greet this beautiful gift that he woke up to?  With delight of course!  He had to push the door into the mounds of snow and then squeeze through the small opening to get outside.  He loved it.


It did not take him long to start exploring.  He was on the hunt for his shovel, his toboggan and a little truck he had left outside.  I hadn’t brought my own winter gear so my parents joined him outside.   When I looked out a few minutes I was greeted with this huge smile.


Followed by this move ♥


I love my parents for so many reasons but when I see them with Félix my heart bursts.  My dad walked up to Félix in the snow and dropped into the pile to make a snow angel.  All the love


And my mom….she has pulled him a countless amount of kilometres on his sled and walked many miles in snowshoes with him


So when people say well we can’t go out there is just too much snow I say no way! Go out…jump in the piles of fluffy snow and make a snow angel, build a snowman or create your own memory.



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